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Рекомендации по уходу

Правила ухода за шерстянными вещами просты и при бережном и правильном уходе такие вещи служат долго. В качестве рекомендаци по уходу можем привести следующие:

  • бережная ручная стирка с использованием стиральных порошков и гелей для шерстяных изделий;
  • полоскание в холодной воде с небольшим добавлением уксуса, в последнем этапе полоскания, для сохранения и обновления цвета изделия;
  • отжимать не выкручивая, возможно завернуть в махровое полотенце и сжимать руками, для впитывания влаги в полотенце;
  • сушка изделия осуществляется в горизонтальном положении, разложив изделие на полу или на любой горизонтальной поверхности;
  • глажение с паром, установив указатель степени нагрева утюга на цифру 2;
  • противопоказана стирка в стиральной машине.

Join to the project

We welcome each author who is dealing with different type of wool (felting or knitting, or another way may be we don’t know yet how else we can deal with wool - please tell us), who would like to join to our project. We are developing our resource and we are glad for any author’s suggestion how we can improve ourselves. We really want this website becomes not only our home but our authors’ home, where they come again and again, find new ideas and meet with interesting people/colleagues.

Now placing and selling items at web-site is free of charge.

About project

Are you dreaming of an original thing, which adds a touch of glamour to your image and allocates you from the set of similar and duplicated images?

It is well known that brand’s things are made by flow production and now became normal that you can meet people wearing the same blouse and skirt. Mass production is changing woman’s view on the fashion and makes woman again to look at unique accessory! And when you know for sure that you have an only accessory and this accessory can’t be completely repeat! What are you thinking about at this moment, how you are filling based on this thought? What kind of accessory can it be? Answer is – it’s thing which was made by author’s hand.

However – you tell. There are also enormous variety of authors and handcrafts all over the world.Our amazing Internet, without which we can’t imagine the modern world, contains enormous resources and web pages of the set varieties of things.

But precisely here hided the second trap for customer – wasting time to find in enormous set of handmade things. It’s like as if you have stock, where you know for sure that thing which you are looking for existing! But you need spend a lot of time and force of finding it.

We’ve decided to help a few to the customers with searching thing!

We like wool, like things which can be made from wool. We like the process when soft wool fibres get elasticity and turn into nice and gentle thing. Our project’s aim is to collect in one place connoisseur as we are, authors who like to deal with wool and people who appreciate their individuality and find unique thing for their image. We want to create a place where you can find a set of ideas in what can turn into wool by skillful hands.

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Here are presented frequently asked questions and answers. If you don’t understand something or you need something specify, please don’t hesitate to ask us via any of our contacts. We are happy to help you.

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