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Personal data policy for Valika users

General conditions

Valika places great emphasis on personal data protection. Right from the beginning, we protect the data of our users as best we can. Sensitive data (such as the login password) is encrypted, we never send the contact information until the order has being created, or the law does not impose it.

The purpose of this document is to inform you of the scope and manner of storing your personal data, your rights and the form in which you can exercise your rights.

Managed personal information

On Valika we store and manage the personal information of our users. The scope of the data differs based on the role of the user. It depends on whether you are a buyer or a seller, and whether you are registered or not.

Registered user at Valika.org

EntryPurpose / DescriptionOptionalPublic
E-mail addressBasic unique account identifierNONO
Login passwordSaved in encrypted formNONO
IP address of registrationThe address from which the account was createdNONO
Information about bank accountIt will be used to generate the invoice to the customer and will be displayed to the customer only after his purchase requestYESNO
Residence (State and City)The information will be displayed on the Valika.orgYESYES
ordering details, orders, amounts paid, payments made, etc.NONO


Email addressNONO
Name and surnameNONO
Delivery addressNONO
ordering details, orders, amounts paid, payments made, etc.NONO

Purpose and method of processing personal data

We process your personal data in several different ways for next purposes:

Purchase and sale of goods and services at Valika.org

In order to mediate your order, we need to know and further process your personal information. We process these data solely for the purpose of mediating the conclusion of the purchase contract and the legal basis for such processing is the fulfillment of the purchase contract.

We collect your personal data from you solely on the basis of your registration at Valika.org or by filling in your details on a shopping cart website.

The processing time of these data is for the duration of the order, plus a period of at least 10 years, as the tax law so requires.

Marketing comunication

If you give us your consent, we will use your personal information (e-mail address) to send news about products, merchandise, promotions and news at Valice. Your email address will be never forwarded to third parties and you may revoke your consent to the marketing communications at any time by clicking the link provided in each email or in your account.

Email support

In case you contact us through one of our contact emails or a contact form, we may ask you to provide unambiguous identification information to help verify your eligibility. We have to archive our email communication. The legal basis for such processing is our legitimate interest.


When you use our website, your personal data can be processed through cookies. Learn more about how we use cookies here.

Your rights as a data subject or what to do when you want to delete or edit your personal information

If you wish to exercise the following rights and / or obtain the relevant information, you can do so by logging in to your customer account on Valika.org. If you do not have an account with us and have made a purchase without registration, but would still like to exercise one of the following rights to protect your privacy, you can contact us via e-mail info@valika.org.

To sign in to your account, you need your login (username / email and password). If you exercise your rights in a different way, we may ask you to provide unambiguous identification information that will serve to verify the legitimacy of your request. We will respond within 1 month after receiving your request, but we reserve the right to extend this period according to the technical and time requirements of your request.

In accordance with applicable law, you have the right to request access to our personal data that we process as a personal data administrator, the right to repair or delete it. You may also, at any time, withdraw consent to the processing of certain personal data (such as marketing data) that you have provided us with.

So what are your rights?

Deleting your personal information

Whenever you can ask us to delete your personal information. If you contact us with such a request, we will delete all your personal data without delay, unless we, however, need your personal data to fulfill contractual and legal obligations or to protect our legitimate interests as described above.

Canceling a buyer’s account

  1. If the buyer placed an order, we are required to store his order data for at least 10 years after the account was canceled.
  3. If the purchaser has not made any order, his or her data may be deleted at his / her request, except for data relating to the purposes of ensuring system and network security (IP address).

Canceling the Seller’s Account

  1. If the seller has executed a mediated order, we have to store his order data for at least 10 years after the account is canceled.
  3. If the seller has not accepted an order, his or her data may be deleted at his / her request, except for data relating to the purposes of ensuring system and network security (IP address).

Fix your personal information

You have the right to correct your personal information. If you have an account on valika.org, you can edit this information directly after logging in to your account. Some data can not be corrected directly (for example, invoice information), then please contact us via email or contact form.

Revocation of consent

You may at any time revoke your consent to process certain personal data (e.g., data for marketing purposes) without giving any reason. Please note that the revocation of your consent does not affect the legality of any processing performed on the basis of previously granted consent.

Your other rights

Please note that under the General Data Protection Regulation, you have the right, in addition to the next:

  • ask us for information about how we process your personal information
  • request an explanation for us regarding the processing of personal data
  • request us access to these data