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How to sell

For selling at web-site “Valika - world of tame wool” is necessary:

  1. Sign up.
  2. Fill in necessary information about seller:
  3. Place photos of your items for sale. For this you should go to the list of your items and choose “Create new”. After this:

    • Fill in item’s information: material, size, price and description.
    • Fill in categories for which your item is suitable.
    • Define item’s price and status: “For sale” or “For order” (In case of item’s status “For order” present details of making, time, delivery and payment’s conditions are discussed previously with author).
    • Load item’s photos.
    • Finish placing new item and save it.

To pay attention please!

Web-site doesn’t take part in payments between seller and buyer. Buyer pays directly to author.

Additional possibilities

Now registered authors have the next additional possibilities:

  • Personal author’s shop. Every author has own shop’s adress of third level like as author’s-name.valika.org.
  • Author can place the adress/link to his own shop in his/her blogs or in livejournal.com (Function is presented in Author’s profile at page of “Shop’s settings”wink.

How to buy

You can buy items which you like by money transferring to author’s account.

For getting items you selected you need to:

  1. Choose items which you like and press button “Add to Bag”.
  2. Choose currency in which you will pay, select suitable delivery type and press button “Buy” (In Bag window).
  3. Fill in you delivery address for items you’ve just chosen and press button “Checkout” (In Adress window). After that an invoice will be formed and sent to you by email.
  4. Transfer money during next 5 working days according to received invoice.
  5. After receiving money author will send item to address which you defined. All this time item will be marked as “Sold” and forbidden to buy by others customers. In case you don’t pay invoice in 5 (five) working days - reservation will be canceled and item will be raised for sales again.

About our stuff

Presented on this website goods were made by author’s hands and based on author’s sketch from different types of wool.

It’s possible to create another sample of sold thing by mutual arrangement with author. But please keep in mind that 100% copy of previous sample-thing is doubt possible, because it is handcraft.

Payment and Delivery

Delivery included into the price of thing. Author packs and sends thing to the customer. Delivery time is based on author’s and customer’s location.

At present we do not accept online payments. Therefore, the deposit can only be paid by means of a bank transfer into the account which we will provide in the email reply to your reservation request.

In Future we are planning to accept online payments via PayPal and credit cards.