To Authors Attention! Terms of join to the project “Valika – world of tame wool” valid for Beta period!

Dear Authors!

The project “Valika – world of tame wool” is created to gather together authors, who are dealing with wool like felting, knitting and other wool activities. Our project is intended for authors who want to sell wool things created by them.


We would like to draw your attention to the fact that our project is highly tailored – we are dealing with handmade wool only!

Our main project’s objective is give a possibility to choose and buy the necessary handmade wool in one place, without wasting time by browsing the Internet.

The Beta version of our project is started. And as any other new projects, Valika also needs testing period and we need time to verify our processes and optimize our functionality.

Our aim for the beta-period is to understand how we can build the community, move it on to work and find out the best way how we can collaborate together.Please notice that at the beta-period all authors are able to place and sell their items absolutely free without any fees.Nevertheless in Beta-period we are supporting and promoting our authors and their items presented at our resource.

But we reserve the right to change these Terms when the beta-period will be finished. In that case all authors involved to the project in good time will be informed about changes. Join to us – It’s possible to put all this variety to rights.

To be continued…

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