About project “Valika – World of tame wool”

Today’s post is about our project “Valika” 

So as you could understand already, I like experiments with wool fibers. It’s very amazing process, when at the very begin you have some shapeless wool straps, then you tear off small wool pieces, then put them together and a new thing has been born!


After experiments with felted berets were experiments with felted bags and scarves.

But today we won’t talk about experiments. World of wool is more diversify and there are many authors who deal with wool. What can you see if put a search require like “felted things” – many webpages. On these pages you can see enormous number of ideas into what can turn pieces of wool fibers by the master’s hands. Your imagination is fascinated with wool things’ photos, because every author is individuality, singularity, inventiveness and more…  What was created by one author never can be repeated by another one.

Just that attracts to the handmade things. You are looking at these things hours, love them and dreaming about them – every wool item is unique.

So once these beautiful and amazing wool things made us think about creating place where all these enormous ideas can meet. It’s a place where will gather together all customers who want to buy handmade wool things and authors who want to find their followers and admirers.

There are huge amount of author’s pages in the web – these webpages are very beautiful and contain many amazing things on it. But our customers and so we are, have limited time looking for things. How much time are you ready to spend in the internet browsing for item you need?

Upon me I can say that I love original things and I don’t love equal ones which I can shop and see anywhere. When I looked for original violet scarf, I asked Google.com: “Violet scarf” There were found about 1,8 mln pages… How many do you think I looked through? One or two, after that the browser was closed till next time. And when could the next time be? In that time I didn’t find scarf but it made me to think about creating not only place for wool things, which you can find more in the internet, but place where customers will be given possibility to find their things quickly without nice wasting time!

To be continued…

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MarryRose - 07/04/2011

Good luck to you VALIKA !!!  .. I love your idea of place for women where they can find everything without wasting time to browse through internet ..


Monča - 07/04/2011

Líbí se mi nápad, soustředit na jednom místě ručně dělané výrobky z vlny .. nemusím procházet milionem stránek, ale zde najdu vše .. jen bych poprosila o více češtiny, i když angličtina pro mě není problém, ale určitě se najde hodně zájemců, kteří upřednostňují rodný jazyk .. smile Držím pěsti projektu!